Before Sex After Love

19 Feb 2013

Picture taken from before sex after love blogspot titled Keep it Cummin.
Mavis delight.  That is the contact name in my phone for one of my very dear friends.  Mavis is her name and delight because I've always thought she was delightful.   

We got talking about blogs a few weeks ago and she promised to send me the links to her favourite sites.   There was one night my mind wouldn't rest so I had plenty of time to read one of her recommendations

She's sassy.  She's brave.  She's honest and she's called Candice.  Some might say her blog is vulgar, brash, not a delicate read on a Sunday morning, but I'm open to her thoughts about sex, love and relationships.  If you're a little squeamish then don't bother taking an online wonder to her site. 

Here's a few gentle excerpts from beforesexafterlove.

One million lovely letters
"Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sucker for handwritten notes.  After my fathers passing, my mother gave me some love letters that he wrote her when she was my age.   Unmarked and crisp with age, at my lowest I re read them, just to feel closer to him."

On turning a delicate 25
"My heart is in the right place so poop toot to all those who tried to rid of it.  My advice thus far is this; you need only see two hundred feet ahead.  And if like me, your compass fails, follow your heart.  She takes a while to kick in, but I promise she will be selfless enough to forgive yourself infliction and by any means necessary, will be sure to get you home."

Last love letter of 2012
"Me sharing this letter is encouragement to all those little girls like me, saw fucked up marriages.  Those little girls who swore they would build walls around their hearts so high, that no knight could penetrate that muscle.  To the women that still cry when Denny dies in Greys Anatomy.  To the women that think they are a little "too much".  To all the females that still, beneath the snide comments, one night stands and drunken cries; believe in happy endings."


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